About Us

We are a privately owned independent financial planning practice based in Surrey, with close ties to the City of London, that is both committed to and passionate about providing professional advice to our clients with the aim of them achieving their financial plan.

Any financial plan is really about planning one’s ‘life’. Our approach aligns your values and goals with your financial resources so that you can achieve your life’s dreams. Having a strong relationship with our clients, taking an interest in their lives, and having meaningful conversations allows us to provide quality advice.

Meet the Team

Daren is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales having trained with Deloitte a top four firm of Chartered Accountants. He has over 25 years of accountancy and business management experience, providing a diverse range of financial and consultancy expertise. Additionally he has and over 10 years experience in financial services.

A highly experienced practicing chartered accountant with extensive and diverse experience with both corporate and NHS organisations, he is able to explain the most complex of financial matters to any audience. He is highly focussed on the importance of client relationships reflected in the fact he has had many of his clients for over 20 years. He was invited to join Sequoia to provide invaluable financial expertise and governance from his various Board appointments as well as rigour of operating in highly regulated environments.

In his spare time Daren is a Qualified Training Officer for the Institute of Advanced Motorists and regularly lectures on a broad range of road safety topics.

Glenn is a Chartered Financial Planner who has provided holistic financial advice to private clients for nearly 30 years. He was an early pioneer of fee based advice and a firm believer in building exceptionally strong, high-trust and mutually profitable client relationships that withstand the test of time. He uses powerful and challenging conversations to keep clients engaged and to help them get more of what they really want from life. He puts the client at the centre of everything he does.

Work is always very busy so outside work Glenn likes nothing better than to keep life as quiet as possible. He has a keen interest in the arts and the countryside and is a trustee of a local charity.

Karl has over 18 years experience in the financial services industry, over 10 of which have been working as an independent financial planner. He believes in giving clients sound professional advice, providing solutions in all areas of financial planning with a particular expertise in investments and pensions. Karl prides himself on being able to cut through industry jargon and present clear and precise solutions to clients financial requirements.

Away from the office, Karl is keen golfer and enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

Stephen has worked an Independent Financial Adviser in London and the South East for over 20 years. He is experienced in providing holistic planning solutions. Stephen believes in providing clear on-going advice to aid his clients in achieving their goals in life. A key part of the service includes illustrating the tangible benefits, received by clients, through regular reporting. He enjoys advising on all aspects of financial planning and specialises in investments, pensions and protection.

Stephen is a keen sportsman, playing hockey and golf on a regular basis. He is lucky enough to have travelled to many countries around the world, enjoying his sporting pursuits in competitive and also social environments.

Charlotte has over 20 years of financial services experience, with the latter 10 years focusing on individual wealth management. She is very knowledgeable on financial products and an expert on financial services systems and administration having been a high level paraplanner for many years prior to becoming an independent financial adviser. She believes in providing clients with a clear detailed financial strategy to assist clients in achieving their life goals.

Outside of the office Charlotte lives by the sea and enjoys the quiet country living, exploring and spending time with her partner and dog.

Tony has provided financial advice in all facets of the industry for over 20 years. He believes that honesty and trust is the foundation of any good relationship, including one between financial planner and client. You will know where you are, have plan for the future and understand it. Inaction is often lead by ignorance, so Tony believes educating clients is crucial to the eventual success of any strategy put in place.

Tony is in the twilight of his hockey career and in the infancy of life on the golf course… let’s see how that goes!

Working Together

Generating and making the most of the opportunities that wealth planning can bring to your life takes strategy -- the ability to oversee all the moving parts as well as their common goal.

But it can’t be just any strategy. It’s got to be your strategy. The one that is attuned to your personality, addresses your most challenging obstacles and helps you pursue your desired goals.

That’s why we have adopted a process that allows us to truly understand who you are. We provide a coordinated plan, so that you are free to focus on the pursuits that are important to you. It begins as we develop a deep understanding of everything that pertains to your financial goals.

The Sequoia Circle strategy involves the following four steps:.

  • Discovery
  • Planning
  • Mutual commitment
  • Regular progress meetings

Client discovery takes place as separate meetings before either of us commit to a long-term relationship. You need to determine whether our services make sense for you. We need to determine whether we can add value to your life. Investing time up front to get to know each other is time well spent.


Having first gained a clear understanding of your goals, needs and priorities, together with knowledge of your current financial position, we will be able to provide clear strategies and recommendations across all areas of your financial planning.

Key areas on which we advise as part of our approach include:

A critical component to your client experience with Sequoia Circle is the establishment of a robust investment plan to guide you and us as we build and maintain your portfolio.

Overview of our investment approach

  1. Investment theory
    We incorporate academic evidence regarding how your wealth is allocated among various asset classes and minimising the costs related to investing. Each will have a far greater impact upon portfolio performance than security selection and market timing.

  2. The role of diversification
    We diversify globally to reduce non-market risks. We view the fixed income portion of a portfolio as a diversifier and risk-dampener for the equity portion.

  3. The role of risk
    We also factor in your personal willingness, ability and need to accept market risk to enhance expected returns.

Over recent times, responsibility for planning for and funding retirement has increasingly passed from the State and corporations back to individuals. Pensions remain a highly tax efficient means for accumulating retirement funds for many.

We have a wealth of experience at evaluating existing pensions and assessing whether they remain competitive or should be re-organised and/or transferred to another plan.

We can provide advice on accumulating wealth for retirement, help you to preserve that wealth such that it should serve its purpose throughout your retirement, and will advise you on the most appropriate means for generating an income from your accumulated pension funds.

A well-structured financial plan is more than just about building wealth. It is also about managing future risks. The common belief "it won't happen to me" results in many people having a plan for wealth creation but not an adequate plan to protect the source that generates the wealth in the first place - themselves.

Part of our overall process is to conduct an insurance review including options, structures and strategies to help protect future income, achieve lifestyle goals and provide for dependents and family.

Corporate financial planning is one of the most important elements of running a business.

The Sequoia Circle corporate financial planning process provides a range of services to help companies, partnerships and sole traders develop and succeed, by making them more financially secure.

Our range of corporate financial planning solutions includes:

  • Corporate investments
  • Directors pensions
  • Keyman insurance
  • Management of cash reserves
  • Protecting the business
  • Pension schemes for employees, including auto enrolment
  • Protecting shareholder value
  • Employee benefit solutions

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To discuss how working with Sequoia Circle LLP could enhance your financial planning, please feel free to get in touch whichever way you prefer – telephone or email.

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